Studying with Us

At Andrioti School all students actively use the target language and - through the use of sound methodology, state-of-the-art technology and web tools, alongside carefully selected material - they improve all skills in English or Greek.

Before your course


Before you arrive at the school you will be asked to take a placement test for us to assess your level of Greek or English language, so that we are sure to place you at the right course. You will also be asked to submit a registration form in which you will describe your previous experience with the language as well as your course objectives. This will help us make sure your specific needs are catered for. You might also need to speak with our director as to what course to attend.

While you Study

When you arrive at our school, besides a warm welcome you will be handed your Welcome Pack. This contains a number of useful items:

  • A ‘Welcome to Corfu’ pack which includes a map of the island and information on top attractions.
  • Your course material (course book and/or handouts).
  • An Andrioti School bag!

While studying your teachers will make the most to make you feel comfortable and will give you guidance with anything you need.

The School Director is always kept informed about each student’s progress and might suggest additional activities for you.

You will also be frequently informed about social activities or interesting events taking place in Corfu during your stay.

Before you go


Your teachers will assess your progress daily and at the end of your course will produce an assessment report with advice on the areas you need to pay extra attention. Before you go, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Don’t forget to spare some time filling in our questionnaire and letting us know what you thought of our school! That will help us improve ourselves and provide better services.


At Andrioti School we try our utmost for every student to enjoy their experience at our school. Want to know what it’s like to study at Andrioti School? Read some of our students’ reviews and you will get an idea of what your experience with us will be like.


Dora F.

Hungary, 2022

The school is great and the teacher was well-prepared. They were interesting lessons, we studied in a good mood. The teacher was very kind and gave us a variety of assignments.


Andrea S.

Italy, 2022

Good school, well organized!


Karen K.

Germany, 2022

Very friendly and helpful staff. Everyone tried to solve any problems and do their very best


Brigitte C.

France, 2022

The whole group has had a memorable experience. We enjoyed the course but also the outings and the cultural visit. The staff at Andrioti School was really friendly and helpful.


Anu E.

Finland, 2022

General experience of the course was very good. The teacher was warm and really made everyone feel important. She was also very professional in what she taught us. It was great to get to know people from different European countries and discuss our thoughts.


Reneta S.

Bulgaria, 2020

Lovely school located centrally with friendly staff, great competent teachers!


Britta K.

Germany, July 2020

I really liked the location, the sun, the food, the Greeks and of course this school; the great teachers and friendly staff and the welcoming atmosphere at this school!


Wojtek S.

Poland, July 2020

I recommend this school – it was a professional course with competent teachers, good organization, very good level of English, good computer lab equipment.


Radovan M.

Slovakia, August 2019

The school is well-located with easy access. The staff is very friendly and kind. Everything was well organized! Would definitely recommend it!


Aude P.

Martinique, August 2019

I can only say that I was really satisfied. I liked the lessons, the materials and how flexible it was.


Michaela P.

Czech Republic, June 2019

Friendly school with a great attitude, located in a nice place. Professional teachers that gave us information in a very effective way. Very up-to-date things! I’ve really enjoyed it- great experience!


Simón de S.

Spanish, August 2018

“I had initially signed for an intermediate group class, but, unfortunately, when I got to Corfu, I was informed that the other members of the group had cancelled last minute, which didn’t feel like a good start. However, the teacher, Vassilki, really did all her best to compensate for that and I received private lessons during the whole week which really helped me advance more quickly than I probably would have in the group. She really understood my needs and provided a lot of information which will help me in the future. I maybe missed having more of a chance to speak with people at my level. The last part every morning was dedicated to Greek culture lectures, but since the rest of the students were from the starting level, they had to be done in English, while I would have liked to have a bit more of Greek there too. Still, they were very enjoyable, the same as the full day cultural trip we did in Corfu town, including a lovely lunch by the sea. In all, I have to say that it was a lovely experience, even if it was not exactly what I had signed for. I would certainly recommend Andrioti school for Greek courses in a beautiful environment such as Corfu.”


Franz L.

Austrian, August 2017

“The classes are well equipped and the excellent and friendly teachers make the lessons very understandable and so interesting that a course is definitely worth ist.
The location and the equipment fit well. The City tour was also a highlight in the “School week”. My hotel was not far from the school an so within a short time on foot easily accessible.”


Tracey H.

English, July 2017

“I very much enjoyed the course I undertook at Andrioti School and found it a useful introduction to Greek language.”


Chantal Maltais O.

French, July 2017

“I had a great experience . The teacher was very qualified. She had the ability to speak mostly Greek but integrating just enough English to make sure that everyone in the class was following. It was challenging but rewarding. I realized my understanding is much better. The school is very professional and personal at the same time. The day out was also fabulous. I live in Corfu for a couple of years but yet rediscovered the magic of the Old Town. That was a gift. Thank you. I would come again for more intensive”


Eleni K.

American, July 2017

“A truly wonderful experience. While we reviewed the basics of the modern Greek language, the trainers also embedded the culture and history of Corfu into the curriculum. I would highly recommend this course and school.”


Rafael P.

Spanish, July 2017

“Everything was really good. My congratulations to Andrioti School. Excellent !!!!!!!!!”


Adelheid Z.

German, October 2016

“My young teacher was a very nice and competent person who explained the complicated Greek grammar in a way which is easily understood. The lessons were interesting and varied. As there were no other students at that time I took classes because of the season, there were no social activities which I missed but which is understandable. I am very pleased to have improved my language skills in one week.”


Sarah B.

English, July 2016

“The few days I spent at Andrioti School were lovely. The location of the school is at the center so walking to and from the town was convenient, and the classrooms were very clean and well equipped. The staff I met couldn’t have been nicer. We had morning sessions with a small group which worked well, although the group’s abilities seemed quite mixed. We covered quite a lot of grammar and I would like to continue my studies by leaning to use more varied vocabulary, perhaps through sentence construction and repeating exercises, to make my overall conversation skills better. All in all, it was a really happy place to study.”


Ana P.

Portoguese, July 2016

“I never had so much fun and enjoyment out of my Greek as a foreign language course and I got my diploma! If I had stayed longer in Corfu, I know with you behind me, I would be fluent now! Thank for a wonderful learning experience.”


Irina K.

Russian, June 2015

“Teachers were all very friendly, loving and caring. My daughter liked all of them. At the age of seven she managed to make friends with other children at school. Now she really enjoys writing letters to them and even sends presents to them. The atmosphere was really friendly there! The location was perfect as the school is situated within walking distance from the historical center of the town and you can get there easily by bus from any part of the island. The classrooms were modern and air-conditioned. There is a library and you can borrow any book you like there. We attended Open Days in June, 2015 and we took part in different activities. They offered different variations and levels of the language. I have never seen such teachers! The teachers who love children so much!”



Serbian, August 2014

“Very good experience! School we can recommend to everybody. All teachers are very professional, fine, especially Mrs Patricia Andrioti, the owner of school. Go on Andrioti, we wish all the best to all crew!”


Milka Deifili G.

Greek, January 2013

“They had a very professional and organized approach. The teachers were very good and the structure of the teaching was very rewarding. It helped me improve my English standard and prepared me for the high standard academic English I was going to follow during the first year of my studies in England. The location was very near my home. The staff was polite and helpful.”


Vilen S.

Russian, November 2012

“I’ve been in Andrioti School for 9 days (it’s a pity that my vacations were so short) and I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot. The school helped me with my accommodation, they helped me to organise how to spend my free time. The school Director Ms.Patricia is an amazing, friendly, bright, open, energetic, creative, sociable, smart, interesting, competent person. Since the moment I sent my first e-mail to get information, Ms.Patricia has been very nice with me. All my teachers were very professional, friendly and kind. I have improved my communication skills. Now I speak more fluently have a better understanding of spoken English. The teachers always made sure that my pronunciation was correct. I also improved my grammar. They were excellent and the classes very effective and versatile. I’m satisfied, because I spent my money and my time well in Andrioti School. Thank you for everything.”


Yulia B.

Russian, August 2012

“In general, I’m very happy I have found this Greek course and this school with friendly staff. My classes were organised as I wanted. Andrioti School has many advantages as far as learning languages is concerned and visiting in Corfu. I would like to thank personally Patritsia Andrioti for handling my problems in the best way.”


Nelly B.

Greek, August 2012

“I would highly recommend this school!! Everything was perfect! I learned so much and improved my language skills and at the same time I had a great time there!! It was the best choice!!”


Marco V.

Italian, August 2012

“ I studied English at Andrioti School in August 2012. I was looking for a course that could satisfy both being in a nice place for holidays and studying English and I had found positive reviews about the particular school. I would recommend it to anyone as I found competent and friendly teachers, who adjusted their teaching according to my specific needs.”


June B.

Scottish, August 2012

“The school is small but very well run and organised, staff are very professional yet informed and very friendly which creates an immediate comfortable environment; good location and easy to find. I enjoyed all my lessons there and Greek doesn’t seem so scary now!!! The lessons were well laid out and explained fully, although a lot of material was familiar to me, still found it a challenge. I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and I’m already understanding a lot more from it. I would definately return and would also highly recommend it to others.”

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